CNFT Creation


Welcome aboard CNFT creation tool

If you're ready, let's begin

Our service provide a simple way to create a CNFT
It will require you to send an amount of ADA (1.5 ADA will be send back on the token creation)
It is really easy:

  1. First you'll need register with a valid email,
  2. Then, insert your wallet address on which you will receive your Cardano NFT, Load your NFT image (jpg, png, gif) Add your Cardano NFT informations (name, description, traits, ...) Perform a review
  3. Then as a final step, you will need to send the specific amount of ADA to EasyCNFT wallet, so we will review your token and send it to your wallet (reason of our review below)

If you need big roll out, receive the policyID, or mint your serie using the same policy or any other request, just let us know.
We can work in the background too to make it happen.

⚠️ Warning on use.
The publication is intentionally not automatic at the moment,
By using this service, only you and your responsibility will be engaged publishing content.

⚠️ When using an old Policy ID :
BE VERY CAREFULL of the Ticker name you are using here, not to be same as previous token using this same policy
Today, We are not providing support to burn token
Do not forget the laws and rules on copyright, reproduction, use etc...

This service helps you to publish Non Fungible Tokens (non-destructible),

Our review before publication is to avoid content that may be discriminatory, malicious, naked or any other content that may harm a person or an entity. Our vigilance is proof of serious and quality.

Step 2

To create your CNFT, you have to first create an account and login.


Step 3 - Receiver Address

⚠️ If you want to use Royalties, please select a policy here that you previously created via Dashboard, Policy tool, ‘create a new policy …’

Note the ticket id above, this will help us in case of trouble when publishing your Token.
Keep it and don't loose it until you receive your CNFT.

Now, please let us know the address you want to receive your Cardano NFT.

Please make sure to use an existing address from Daedalus wallet or Yoroi.
It's must be a valid address, with some Ada on it to cover CNFT creation cost.

Step 4 - CNFT Information

* Drag & Drop your image here
Suported formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif,
* Drag & Drop your extended file here (optional)
Suported formats: mp3, html, mp4, wav, pdf, glb,

If you wan't to use a policy from a previous single token, it must be less than 5 days since you created it

For Flash policy, it must be at least 7 days before the expiration date of the policy

Add new field (Metadata)


Step 5 - Summary

Your receiving Address:

Extended file:

ADA To Send:






Fees are increased of 1 ADA for multitoken

Once you will click on "Send your ADA", you won't be able to edit your token anymore.

Step 6 - Send your ADA

Waiting for ADA ... (15min 00s)

In the case you don't have enough time to send your ADA, you'll be able to retry send check.

Your CNFT will be manually verified before publishing

This is a security preventing from malicious content / image

It should take up to 6 hours (During EU nights)

We will soon open for instant creation

You will also soon be able to create multiple CNFT in one creation

Your ADAs have been received

You can check your CNFT status in your dashboard

We didn't receive your ADAs

You can retry the send timer in your dashboard

Send to address:
Amount to send (You have to send this specific ammount and not an other):