The Big Miam


If you do enjoy burgers, geek culture and NFTs, you're Home! Enjoy the first deflationary NFT project on the cardano blockchain.

Each burger is baked from 4 different parts. (Burger/Mouth & Nose/Eyes/Hair & Ears). Each part can come from 9 different character (God of Miam/Super Miamo/Miam the Stampede/Baby Miam/Iron Miam/Miamuto/Joke Miam/Pika Miam/Miam T).

To get a Full Set Miam Burger, you will have to gather 4 parts of the same character (from 2 to 4 Miam Burger), sharing the same plate color. (Regardless the background color).
Once you possess the 4 parts, rich us directly and send your Miam Burgers + 44 Ada and we will send you the Full Set of the very character that you have gathered the pieces.